We know that want to live your best life, a life that resembles and reproduces the life of Jesus. You desire to be a disciple and a discipler that transforms the community and impacts eternity. But maybe you don’t know how. Maybe you’ve attended events, undertaken a course, or experimented with discipling models that didn’t work for you.

You aren’t alone. Researchers found that many discipleship models do not produce the desired transformation.


That's why we want to help you to live out your calling as a jesus like discipler.

Based on 20+ years of ministry experimentations (including many failures) and empirical research, the GenJ approach offers a theological and educational framework that equips disciplers to multiply Jesus-like disciples and disciplers across the globe. We’ve done the research and experimentation so that you can enjoy a fresh, simple, and proven approach for equipping disciplers. Not only will you feel inspired to multiply disciplers, you will feel competent and confident to commence the journey.

This means, you can be equipped with simple and reproducible framework to confidently multiply disciplers.


How We Train


Facilitating interactive, engaging, and experiential training workshops to inspire your vision, introduce the GenJ framework, facilitate meaningful discussions, and share practical discipling strategies.


Online courses to inspire and equip you to get better at your discipling craft.


Tailored training and consultations: offering tailored training sessions or consulting services for your church or organisation.



In tailored

Or consultations?

Whether you are leading a ministry for Youth or Young Adults or whether you are not even connected to a church but are keen to start intentionally discipling individuals, the GenJ training will prove defining for your discipling journey.

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