Introduction to the stages of development



Oct 19


Peter Botross

In this session, we examine the second component of the GenJ framework: Teaching A Progressive Pattern

In this session, we outline the four stages of spiritual development espoused in the GenJ framework:

(1) The seed (Receiving Jesus), (2) The stalk (Standing Firm), (3) The Head/flower (growth) and (4) The full kernel/fruit (maturity).

These spiritual stages are not the only stages that disciples go through, but they are a helpful tool to assist you in supporting your mentee/s development based on their possibility (identity and calling).

Disciple-makers need to help their mentee/s recognise the complex, exciting and gradual nature of their spiritual development. They need to teach their mentee/s the various stages of faith development in a simple way, as well as remind their mentees of the scriptures that unveil their true identity and calling in each of the relevant stages.

As disciple-makers, we need to pray for our mentee/s’ development as Paul did for the Ephesian believers. The journey of faith can be challenging, and our mentee/s need our support and encouragement to keep progressing towards their Jesus-like possibility.

Discipleship is a journey, so remember to celebrate wins along the way!  

Hope you are enjoying the journey with us on this course. The video and the download for Session 5 are awaiting you…

PS. Please note that we have included a downloadable sermon on the stages of development that may be helpful for you.