Welcome to GenJ



Oct 19


Peter Botross

Welcome to the GenJ for Disciple-Makers Online Course. 

We are so glad you chose to join us on this awesome journey of raising Jesus-like disciples. Throughout this course, we hope to equip you with a biblical and educational framework for making disciples in your own context. 

You will find videos, self-paced workbooks (downloadable) and supporting peers to help you on this journey. More significantly, we are praying for you, by name, as you engage with us on this course.

This course is structured around three main sections: 
1) Modelling a possibility, 
2) Teaching a progressive pattern, 
3) Engaging in partnership. 

These three components have the potential to revolutionise your capacity to develop disciples. Through the power of God’s Spirit, you will witness an extraordinary return on your investment. The approach is simple. The outcomes are supernatural. 

Are you ready to become an outstanding disciple-maker?

We hope to partner with you in raising Jesus-like disciples wherever you are. We know that people are no longer sold on the Jesus-creed, but they are convicted and compelled by the Jesus-breed. GenJ. Generation Jesus. Those who manifest God in a broken world.

Let’s go!