A Case Study: Alicia’s Disciple-Making Story



Oct 19


Peter Botross

Alicia is a 17 years old youth member and an apprentice Spark youth leader at her local church in the south-east of Melbourne, Australia.

Four years ago Alicia received Jesus as Saviour and Lord. It was a miraculous encounter of healing at a Spark Youth camp. She immediately joined a small group of like-minded girls and established a mentoring relationship with her youth leader. Her youth leader used this GenJ framework that she had received from her own mentor! This partnership transformed Alicia’s life, so much so that she began to mentor a younger girl when she was only 16 years old! Alicia is now passing the same GenJ framework to the FOURTH generation. Young people are multiplying -not just disciples- but Jesus-like disciples.

Watch her story of being a third generation disciple-maker in the video above. Feel free to document the characteristics of an effective mentoring partnership that contributed to Alicia’s spiritual development.

Her story will mobilise you to engage in authentic partnerships that eventually transform people’s lives by the power of the Spirit!

Please post below anything that stood out to you from Alicia’s story.