Wrapping Things Up



Oct 19


Peter Botross

We are honoured that you’ve chosen to take this journey with us! You are on your way to raising Jesus disciples wherever you go.

What would they look like?

Unchained and demographically spasmodic, Gen J is not defined by age demographics, gender or ethnic background. Gen J is the Jesus-breed. These aren’t your typical ‘churchianity’ or lights-camera-action fans who populate church pews on Sundays, yet leave their faith tucked away safely beneath the church emergency exit sign on their way out. These aren’t your mediocre Christians who impress with their sophisticated religious jargon but lack the conviction that their beliefs ought to shape their daily behaviour. These aren’t your postmodern Pharisees who chase a spiritual buzz in emotionally-fuel worship services, yet lead a life that is hypocritical, diluted, judgemental or self-righteous.

These aren’t the type of people who merely embrace the Jesus-creed, they exemplify the Jesus-breed.

They pursue growth and intimacy with their Heavenly Father regardless of their circumstances. They grow in unity with God’s people, regardless of their differences. They develop a godly conscience, regardless of the cost. They influence their world, regardless of opposition.

In this world they are like Jesus (1 John 4:17b).

And… YOU had a role to play in raising them. You are a Jesus-like disciple-maker. 

Dreaming? Maybe. Prophesying? You bet.

Stay in touch, share your stories, ask questions and post your ideas and discoveries. It is our honour to partner with you to raise Jesus-like disciples wherever you go.