A Case Study: Duncan’s Disciple-Making Story



Oct 19


Peter Botross

Duncan is in the teaching industry. He is the leader of Young Adult Ministry at his local church in the south-east of Melbourne, Australia.

Four years ago Duncan began to be discipled through this GenJ framework. He joined a collaborative community of young adults who were learning to take their walk with God seriously. At the same time,Duncan established a mentoring relationship with a mature disciple of Jesus who encouraged him to live out his Jesus-possibility.

Within two years Duncan began to lead Small Groups himself and engaged in mentoring relationships. He passed on the same GenJ framework that he received from his disciple-maker. Currently, Duncan leads the Young Adult ministry at his church (Echo) with the dream of “echoing the life of Jesus”! He is deliberate about multiplying  Jesus-like disciples in every environment God sends him.

Watch Duncan’s story in the video above. Feel free to document the factors that inspired him to embrace his Jesus-possibility.

Feel free to post below any comments or questions that emerged for you from Duncan’s story.