Modelling A Possibility (Part 2)



Oct 19


Peter Botross

In this session, we continue to explore the first component of the GenJ framework: Modelling A Possibility.

How did you go with Part A? What did you like? …Other than my pink suit jacket! 😉 

In this session, we will outline four simple strategies by which your mentees can embrace their Christlike possibility:

(1) The mirror, (2) The face, (3) The group and (4) The goals. Stay with me. I’m about to explain this…

Disciple-makers need to help their mentees meditate on the Word of God (the mirror) that reveals who they are and what they are called to be. More critically, disciple-makers have the privilege and the responsibility to show their mentees who they are by the way they relate to them and how they call out their dormant Christlike qualities (the face).

Further, in partnership with like-minded disciples, group members get to navigate their own identity in a social setting (the group). And finally, each disciple needs to take the responsibility to discern the Spirit’s promptings about areas in their lives that require development, to align to their possibility in Christ (the goals).

As your mentees set goals in three areas of the Discipleship Cross for three months, they will gain the motivation to invest the effort in order to see real progress in their growth towards Christlikeness.

Now, I can’t claim that this is the only way to help your mentees embrace their possibility in God, BUT I can promise you that this works.

Let’s get to work. Download the workbook (Session 4: Possibility Part 2) and watch the video!