Modelling A Possibility (Part 1)



Oct 19


Peter Botross

Ok, we are about to explore the first component of our GenJ Framework: Modelling A Possibility

“Possibility” is a term that we use to communicate two concepts: 1) Our identity and 2) Our calling.

Have you ever heard someone say: “I was born for this“? They are basically talking about their possibility; their identity (born for this- referring to their innate abilities) and their calling (born for this– referring to what they are doing).

Their remark simply means that their identity and their calling are aligned and compatible – which in turn provides them with flow, fulfilment, and fruitfulness.

We need to help our disciples to embrace their spiritual possibility (identity and calling). It is our purpose to help them understand who they are and what they are called to do. Our role is to reveal to them their Jesus-like possibility not merely by what we say, but by how we live. Put simply, disciple-makers are the embodiment of the Jesus-like possibility. We get to model who Jesus is to our contemporary context and in our day to day life. 

Why don’t you join me as we dive a little deeper into this first component?

Oh, you know the drill, you need to watch the video and complete the workbook activities. Ready, set, watch!